Bed Bug Heat Chambers

THE ONE and ONLY Bed Bug Sauna Infrared Heat Chamber

In addition to being toxic and potentially hazardous to people, furniture, and the environment, chemical treatments sometimes miss the target. Bed bugs root deeply to lay their eggs, and when chemical treatments can’t penetrate the creases and inner areas of fabrics and furniture, the infestation can persist.

Our exclusive Bed Bug Sauna Infrared Heat Chamber eliminates all bed bugs – including adults, nymphs, and eggs – no matter how deeply they’ve rooted into beds, couches, chairs, drapes, framed pictures, books, and even electronics.

Portable and built for commercial use, it delivers targeted heat treatments that reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals. And because it uses infrared heat, it consumes half the energy of forced air systems and won’t damage or dry out furniture.


  • Portable
  • Commercial-grade
  • Chemical-free
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe for furniture and electronics


  • Pest control companies
  • Hotels and motels
  • Shelters and missions
  • Government housing authorities

Bed Bug Heat Chamber

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Lorne's Corner

A new tool in the pest control arsenal
Eliminating bed bugs from dense furniture, headboards, and mattresses can be extremely challenging – even for the most proficient pest control experts.

Our one-of-a-kind Bed Bug Sauna Infrared Heat Chamber provides a new alternative to costly offsite heat treatments and even more costly furniture disposal and replacement.

Our patented reflective heat panels produce infrared waves that reach
135°F/57°C and penetrate deeply inside items to kill all life stages of bed bugs – safely and effectively.

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Lorne Chadnick, Founder and President