Bed Bug Prevention for Colleges

Running a college or university entails overseeing so many aspects. From academics to funding to extracurriculars and more, keeping everything on track requires a lot of focus, so avoiding preventable and distracting problems like infestations is key.

Here at AmCan, we want to help keep your facilities in tip-top shape, which is why we offer bed bug prevention for colleges and universities designed to detect, defeat, and defend against the threats posed by bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria. Our bed bug products, such as our bed bug mattress covers for colleges, are proven to ward off pests to ensure a safe, healthy environment for your students and staff.

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Our Bed Bug Protection for Dorms and More

When students move into your college or university, they’ll often be away from home for the first time in their lives, so it’s essential that they feel at ease and safe in their new environment. Similarly, no one working in a space with furniture wants to encounter bed bugs either, so keeping these spaces maintained is also important.

Since ensuring that bed bugs and other pests are kept at bay is essential, AmCan is proud to supply reliable products for facility and dorm room bed bug prevention. Our products for bed bug prevention for universities includes the following options:

  • Beg bug interceptors – Early detection and ongoing monitoring are needed when trying to prevent bed bugs, and our bed bug interceptors are the perfect tool to get the job done. Our interceptors are placed under the legs of chairs, beds, and other types of furniture, and are designed to capture bed bugs, giving you an early warning for any infestation. They are also ideal for post-treatment monitoring.
  • Bed bug pillow protectors – Having bed bugs enter a pillow is a true nightmare, so when you’re prepping your bed bug prevention for your college, use our pillow protectors. Our protectors are soft, breathable, and noise-free, and feature a 5-year warranty protection.
  • Bed bug mattress covers – Ward off bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria with our bed bug mattress covers for colleges that feature a breathable membrane, a three-sided self-locking zipper for easy fitting, waterproof polyurethane, a dust-allergen-proof design, and more. These bed bug mattress covers for dorms have also been used in diverse industries, including healthcare and hospitality, to prevent pests from taking hold and causing havoc.
  • Bed bug box spring covers – Pair our pillow protectors and bed bug mattress covers for colleges with our box spring covers for total protection where you need it most when it comes to bed bug prevention for dorms. Our box spring covers are commercial-grade, breathable, soft, noise-free, machine washable, and more.
  • Water-soluble laundry bags – Our laundry bags are designed to prevent exposure to health hazards, including bed bugs, and are ideal for anyone in your college or university who regularly works with linens, towels, and more. Our bags are environmentally friendly, easy to use, safe for washing machines, and more, so give them a look.

Why Choose AmCan for Your Bed Bug Mattress Covers for Colleges and More

As you can see, if you’re looking for the best in bed bug prevention for colleges, AmCan is your resource! Our effective products, such as our bed bug mattress covers for dorms, will keep your facilities and dorms protected, preventing any costly and ongoing infestations.

We also provide excellent customer service for those needing any additional assistance in finding the best prevention products to exceed your expectations.

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