Bed Bug Heat Chamber

Bed Bug Sauna Furniture Heat Chamber

For the Treatment of Bed Bugs in Furniture Items

Bed Bug Sauna Easy Set Up Video

The Bed Bug Sauna portable heating chambers  uses infrared heat waves to penetrate into objects and to effectively kill bed bugs. The Bed Bug Sauna are designed to provide targeted heat application to soft furniture, mattresses, box springs, wheelchairs to name a few.

The Bed Bug Sauna kills bed bugs in the hardest to reach places without the hassle and inconvenience of transferring them offsite; adding speed and portability to your complete bedbug irradiation program.

The Bed Bug Sauna furniture chamber is portable, easy to set up, simple to operate and used as part of a total bed bug solution. Pest control companies, hotels, social housing, retirement homes, and shelters are just a few that use the Hothouse.

Using the easy up canopy frame just unzip and open up the fabric tent and place canopy frame inside pull out frame and flip tent over the top.Items are placed inside using the Sauna zip out door, spacers are needed between each item to allow the infrared waves flow throughout. The Bed Bug Sauna will heat objects inside at 130F/55C within 2 to 6 hours.

Bed Bug Sauna Features:

  • Fast & Easy Set Up in 15 Minutes
  • Portable & Easy to use
  • Specially designed reflective silver heat panels are used 2-15Amp 120Volt Circuits 3600 Watts
  • Infrared Laser Temperature Monitoring
  • Flame Resistant Thermal Fabric
  • Proven Lab & Field Tested
  • Ability to Heat Multiple Items at Once
  • Heat Only Infested Items
  • The Bed Bug Sauna heats like the Sun
  • 8’x8x6′ [ Custom Sizes available on request]
Bed Bug Sauna Heat Tent  easy door system

Bed Bug Sauna new portable heat tent designed for professionals to be used in hotels , libraries , hospitals , schools ,offices and homes fo a fast and silent bed bug heat treatments.

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