Steam Cleaners

Vapor Steam Cleaners

For Treatment of Bed Bugs

steam cleaners for bed bugs

Vapor Dry Steam Cleaning is a great non-toxic tool to treat bed bug problems. Hot dry steam eradicates bed bugs and their eggs. The temperature of the steam (boiler temperature 302ºF – 320ºF) will kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact while it sanitizes and cleans.

steam cleaners for bed bugs-2

Theses steam cleaners work great on tile, linoleum, carpets, mattresses, soft furnishings, windows, bathrooms, mirrors, sealed hardwood floors; anywhere dirt, grease, grime, mold, mildew and allergens accumulate. No chemicals, solvents, chlorine, germicides, pesticides, herbicides etc. are used. Therefore, it is both safe for the environment and simple to use.

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