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Bed Bug Heat Chambers

 Bed Bug Sauna Heat Chamber [Heat like the Sun]

The Bed Bug Sauna heat chamber is designed to heat treat bed bug infested furniture using less power and energy than convection heat. The Bed Bug Sauna is portable, non-toxic, chemical free heat chamber for the eradication of bed bugs! Our unique system will kill bed bugs and their eggs in the most challenging of all places: dense furniture, headboards and mattresses, without the hassle of taking these pieces off-site.Our patented reflective heat infrared heat panels use much less power than convection heaters and produce infrared waves that will penetrate deep inside the items inside the treatment area and the objects will radiate back out to heat the air and produce temperatures inside 120F to 135F or 48C to 57C which is lethal to insects.

Heat-treat several items at once; mattresses, box springs, electronics, books, sofa beds and more. The Bed Bug Sauna is great for hotels, pest control operators, homeless shelters, government housing and more.

Bed Bug Sauna easy door system
Bed Bug Sauna heat chamber our newest portable heat system
Bed Bug Sauna to die for.
Bed Bug Sauna infrared heat panels and and thermal fabric heat up in minutes
Bed Bug Sauna Infrared heat will heat like the Sun and heat objects first and air secondly.

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