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Bed bugs don’t discriminate

hotel beg bug solution

Bed bugs plague five star hotels and social-housing alike. They are frequently difficult to detect; therefore, they can become well established before they are discovered. Once recognized, there can be significant emotional, financial and legal consequences. Do you have procedures in place to deal with the threat of bed bugs? Did you know that pesticides are frequently unreliable? According to the Journal of American Medicine, your bed bug response plan should include an integrated approach and a variety of products to destroy their eggs. If you have a bed bug problem we can help you. We specialize with clients from:

Accommodation and Hospitality

Once inside a hotel or hostel, bed bugs multiply and spread from room to room using pipes, vacuum cleaners, clothing, luggage and more; rapidly infesting an entire property.

Property Management

Unfortunately, rental properties are particularly prone to bed bug infestations because of the high turnover rate. Bed bugs don’t discriminate. Whether your rental property is spotless or as dirty as a teen’s bedroom, bed bugs are introduced by tenants and can quickly infest an entire property. In the fiercely competitive rental market, tenant satisfaction is crucial. In addition to potential health concerns, bed bug infestations can lead to complaints about unsanitary conditions, lost income from non-rentable units, and even government fines.

Health Care Facilities

hospital bed bug solution

Many health care facilities employ Integrated Pest Management, combining the most up-to date research with economical pest control methods, designed to cause the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

Health care patients may have compromised immune, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory systems that can put them at an increased risk of suffering the harmful effects from exposure to pesticides. Pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly and facility staff may also be at risk to the effects of these pesticides as well.

Social Housing & Shelters

The more people have used a bed, sofa, headboard, side table or pillow, the more likely the occurrence of bed bugs. Since Social Housing furniture is often donated and has multiple users, bed bug occurrences can be prevalent.

Senior and Assisted Care Communities

Senior Residences and Assisted Care Facilities are frequently ‘hot spots’ for bed bugs as residents are often unaware of infestation; Often their apartments and suites go unchecked, and they may not be fully attuned to changes in their environment or the symptoms of bed bugs.

College apartments, universities and dormitories

dorm room bed bug solution

Dorm rooms can act as breeding grounds for bed bugs due to the high rates of student turnover. These residences are frequently small, untidy, and cluttered with limited space between rooms. They frequently share common space and bathrooms allowing bed bugs to spread throughout with ease.

Pest Control Companies & Professionals

As concerns grow about the indiscriminate use and the effects of pesticides, many families are becoming increasingly apprehensive about the use of harmful chemicals in their home. AmCan provides pest control professionals as well as commercial businesses with the safest environmentally friendly products on the market.

AmCan: Complete Bed Bug Detection, Management and Treatment

AmCan supplies the most advanced, environmentally friendly, non-toxic products to effectively detect, manage and treat bed bug infestations.


  1. Detect infestations quickly – Encasements, a great early detection tool. While there are a lot of mattress covers and pillow encasements available, not all are effective. Our encasements are lab certified to keep 100% of bed bugs out with it’s tight knit fabric, zippered closure and patented BugStop seal.
  1. Train staff to recognize the signs of bed bugs – We carry bed bug detection and prevention tools help your team monitor activity 365 days a year.
  1. Steam cleaning, Vacuuming, Heat Chambers – Vapor Dry Steam Cleaning is a safe, non-toxic, chemical free way to eradicate bed bugs – hot dry steam kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact (and sanitizes the room). AmCan is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the  Bed Bug Sauna heat chambers, including furniture bags and heat tents.

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