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When you are looking to give your guests a comfortable stay, you want to make sure their room is clean, comfortable, and free of dreaded bed bugs. AmCan offers high-quality bed bug treatments and bed bug protection to help you and your customers sleep better at night.

We Are a Bed Bug Prevention Supplier

Prevention is one of the best forms of bed bug treatment. Our commercial-grade bed bug treatment solutions and environmentally friendly bed bug protection methods are designed with customers in mind.

As your bed bug prevention supplier, we offer a full range of products. Ask about our mattress covers, box spring covers, pillow encasements, bed bug interceptors, water-soluble laundry bags, and budget-friendly ZappBug Room.

With manufacturer’s direct pricing, you get the very best protection for your mattresses, box springs, pillows, and furniture at the lowest cost. And we’re always just a phone call or message away!

Our Line of Products, Including Commercial Bed Bug Treatment and More

Our products are designed to detect, defeat, and defend against bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria to give you and your guests a comfortable living and sleeping environment. In order to promote a safe and bug-free environment, we provide our customers with the following bed bug treatment products for prevention:

Bed Bug Interceptors

Also referred to as bed bug traps, bed bug interceptors are devices that capture and monitor bed bugs. They are small cups or trays that are placed under the legs of beds, chairs and other furniture to help bed bugs from escaping once they have entered the trap.

Bed bug interceptors are a detection method used to identify presence of bed bugs. They can also be used as a prevention method to prevent bed bugs from reaching a bed, couch and other furniture.

Water-Soluble Laundry Bags

Water-soluble laundry bags are specialized bags used to handle and transport linens and clothing that have been exposed to bed bugs. The water-soluble material is designed to keep soiled and contaminated clothing fully contained without spreading the bed bugs.

Box Spring Covers

Box spring covers are specially designed to enclose and protect box springs. The zipper enclosure and poly-knit fabric ensure prevention of bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and bacteria.

Box spring covers prevent bed bug infestations, reduce the risk of allergic reactions, and maintain cleanliness of box springs. Box spring covers work hand in hand with mattress covers to provide protection for the entire sleeping surface.

Mattress Covers

Mattress covers, also known as mattress encasements, are protective covers to completely encase and seal mattresses. The durable zipper enclosure
prevents water, dirt, dust, allergens and bed bugs from escaping the mattress. These mattress protectors will lock the particles and pests inside.

Not only do the mattress covers lock in bed bugs and other allergens in, but they prevent any new infestations from permeating your mattress.

Pillow Covers

Pillow protectors are an easy-to-use product to combat allergens, dirt, water, bacteria and bed bugs for your pillows. Like mattress covers, these pillow covers have a zipper to fully seal the pillow inside. The tightly woven fabric and secure closure creates a physical barrier to prevent bed bugs from permeating through, mitigating existing infestations and preventing new ones.

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Detect, Defeat, and Defend with Our Products

As your trusted bed bug prevention supplier, we developed products designed to detect any bed bugs, defeat the population, and defend your guests from having to deal with them again.

bed bug treatment  DetectReusable! Early detection bed bug interceptors

bed bug prevention  DefeatExclusive! 

bed bug treatment   DefendBestsellers! Mattress, pillow, and box spring covers and water-soluble laundry bags

Whether you are in hospitality, property management, retail facilities, or other fields, bed bugs can impact your space. They tend to attach to clothing and can spread by laying and hatching eggs. In a space where many guests are arriving and leaving, bed bug transfer and spread can happen rapidly.

Thankfully, we provide bulk orders. We can supply you a large quantity of mattress covers, pillow covers and more. This ensures your facilities are completely stocked on bed bug prevention solutions. Avoid an entire building outbreak with our bulk options!

Protect your future guests from the dangers of bed bugs by using our commercial-grade bed bug treatments as a preventative measure.

Who We Serve

We work to serve the following groups by providing them with commercial-grade bed bug treatments for prevention:

Common Questions About Bed Bugs

1. What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects. They are flat and oval shaped, and typically are a reddish-brown color. Since they are parasitic, they feed on the blood of animals and humans. They don’t make nests, but they live in groups and in hiding places.

Bed bugs don’t fly, but they move quickly on floors, walls and ceilings. They are primarily active at night and are attracted to the warmth and carbon dioxide of sleeping humans. They primarily spread through infested items and can move between rooms and apartments through cracks and openings in walls.

2. What causes bed bugs?

Typically, outbreaks start when a few bed bugs are introduced to a new environment. Then, they will reproduce and spread.

Common ways they spread include:

  • Infested belongings – Bed bugs will travel on infested items like furniture, mattresses, bedding and clothing. When you bring these items into a new environment with no treatment, the bed bugs will reproduce and an infestation will occur.
  • Travel – Bed bugs are known to infiltrate hotels, hostels, and other extended-stay locations. Bed bugs can cling to luggage, clothing, and personal items. If not treated when returning home, the traveler will bring these into their home.
  • Shared living spaces – Dorms, apartments, and multi-unit buildings are other common places for bed bug infestations to occur. When visiting homes, workplaces, or other public places, you can transfer bed bugs to furniture, carpets, mattresses, leading to infestation.
  • Public transportation – In relatively rare cases, bed bugs can be located on buses, trains or airplanes. If a passenger comes into contact with an infested luggage or seating area, the bed bugs will be transferred to new belongings.

3. What are the signs of an outbreak?

Early signs of bed bugs can be detected by small and itchy bites on your skin. Bed bug bites tend to come in clusters of bites rather than single bites.

Other common signs include:

  • Blood spots on your sheets or mattress
  • The presence of live bugs
  • Dark or rusty spots which are bed bug fecal matter
  • A musty odor
  • Finding eggs that are about 1 mm in size and whitish in color

4. Are bed bugs dangerous?

Generally speaking, bed bugs are more of a nuisance rather a major health threat. Their bites do cause itching and discomfort, however, and the scratching of bites may leave individuals vulnerable to secondary infections. Rarely, bed bug bites will cause allergic reactions. However, they are not known to transmit diseases to humans. While they do feed on human blood, they don’t transmit diseases like mosquitos, ticks or fleas.

The main concern for bed bugs is the stress due to their presence and associated discomfort from their bites. They can cause anxiety, sleep disturbance and emotional distress.

5. How long do bed bugs live?

The life span of a bed bug is between 10 months and one year. This is dependent on the temperature, availability of food, and environmental conditions. Bed bugs are most active when the weather is warmer and they need to feed every 4 or 5 days. However, they can survive for several weeks without eating.

6. Can you see bed bugs with a naked eye?

Yes. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. Normally, bed bugs don’t roam around unless they need food. In the day, they will find a hiding place and stick to it. Many people won’t see live bed bugs until the infestation gets out of hand.

You will know if there have been bed bugs if you see rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses due to the bed bugs being crushed.

7. Can bed bugs infest my hair or body?

Bed bugs will primarily attach to exposed skin, including the arms, legs, and face. They likely won’t infest within hair or burrow into the skin like other pests.

To avoid bed bug bites, wear long-sleeve and long-pant pajamas to bed.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

While AmCan Products provides many quality bed bug prevention products, there are various ways to stop the spread when traveling, shopping, heading back to school and more. Here are some tips to prevent more infestations!

Tips for the Office

  • Vacuum and clean all areas, including hallways, lobbies, kitchens, and public bathrooms.
  • Regularly inspect the business for signs of bed bugs and pay close attention to furniture and upholstery. Bed bugs are also known to inhabit spaces in electrical sockets, in surge protectors, and behind picture frames.
  • Reduce clutter in the office to eliminate the opportunity for bed bugs to hide.
  • Have a policy in place for employees who suspect an infestation at home. Encourage an open dialogue to help remove any concern of reporting and prevent further outbreaks.

Tips for Shoppers and Store Owners

  • Be aware of any stains that are unusual on clothing that you try on.
  • Carefully inspect clothing prior to purchasing. Pay attention to inseams and look for signs of sticky white eggs or the bugs themselves.
  • Check behind dressing room mirrors and other crevices where bed bugs could hide.
  • Instead of tossing clothing on cushions, seats, or carpeting, be sure to hang your items on a hook.
  • Immediately wash the clothing in hot water after purchase.

Tips for College Kids and Universities

  • Fully inspect your suitcases before re-packing to return to school, especially if you have been traveling during the summer. Also, re-wash clothes before bringing those to campus.
  • Prior to putting sheets on your dorm room mattress, inspect the inseams of your mattress and use a mattress cover before putting on your bed sheets.

Tips for Travelers

  • When arriving at the hotel, pull back sheets and inspect mattress seams, specifically looking at the corners for stains or spots.
  • Before unpacking, inspect the entire room including the headboard and the sofas and chairs.
  • If a room change is necessary, make sure it is a room far from the infestation as bed bugs can easily move via housekeeping carts or luggage.
  • Place your suitcase in a plastic trash bag or a protective cover during your trip to ensure no bed bugs will attach to your suitcase.
  • Use a garment steamer on your luggage when you return to kill any bed bugs and wash all of your clothes in hot water.

The AmCan Difference

Our products are designed to be different than what is commonly seen on the market because when our founder created AmCan he did so since he was not satisfied with what was currently offered by pest control businesses. Now, we share our solutions with the public because we want to help others fight bed bugs, bacteria, and allergens through our line of bed bug protection products.

At AmCan, we strive to help our customers receive superior bed bug protection through the use of our products and knowledge. In addition to our expertise, you will also benefit from:

  • Product quality
  • Low prices
  • Excellent customer service

Focused on Price, Quality, and Service

At AmCan, we pride ourselves on the differentiation of three pillars: price, quality, and service.

bed bug treatment   Price – We remove the middlemen so you get the very best pricing on our bed bug protection products

bed bug prevention   Quality – Our products are commercial-grade and chemical-free to keep your guests protected without compromising their well-being

bed bug treatment   Service – We are easy to reach and typically ship within 24 hours, making us the ideal bed bug treatment supplier for prevention products

Allow Us to Be Your Bed Bug Product Supplier

Discover how AmCan’s products can make a difference in your location by shopping our collection of bed bug protection products. Using our products will help you and your customers sleep tight without letting the bed bugs bite!

To discover our capabilities as your bed bug product supplier, please request a quote or reach out to our team of experts today.

wholesale bed bug pillow protector

If you buy mattress covers or other pest control products from a distributor, you’re likely paying unnecessary brokerage, handling, and distribution fees. Why pay more?

As both the manufacturer and distributor of our products, we cut out the middlemen to give you the highest quality at the lowest cost. We also provide our products in large quantities for a competitive price.

To see if you’re getting the very best pricing for your pest control products, call us at 1-877-411-0053.

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