AmCan Is a Bed Bug Treatment Supplier with a Variety of Bed Bug Treatments Available!

When you are looking to give your guests a comfortable stay, you want to make sure their room is clean, comfortable, and free of dreaded bed bugs. AmCan offers high-quality bed bug treatments and bed bug protection to help you and your customers sleep better at night.

Our Bed Bug Protection

Our commercial-grade bed bug treatment solutions and environmentally friendly bed bug protection methods are designed with customers in mind.

Whether you’re looking for commercial-grade bed bug treatment solutions or environmentally friendly bed bug protection, we offer a full range of products. Ask about our mattress covers, box spring covers, pillow encasements, bed bug interceptors, water-soluble laundry bags, exclusive infrared bed bug heat chamber, and budget-friendly ZappBug Room.

With manufacturer’s direct pricing, you get the very best protection for your mattresses, box springs, pillows, and furniture at the lowest cost. And we’re always just a phone call or message away!

Our Line of Products, Including Commercial Bed Bug Treatment and More

Our products are designed to detect, defeat, and defend against bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria to give you and your guests a comfortable living and sleeping environment. In order to promote a safe and bug-free environment, we provide our customers with the following commercial bed bug treatments and products:

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    Bed bug Interceptor


    bed bug infrared sauna


    Bed bug Mattress & Box Spring Covers


    Soluble Laundry Bags


    Detect, Defeat, and Defend with Our Products

    Through our line of products, we aim to detect any bed bugs, defeat the population, and defend your guests from having to deal with them again.

     DetectReusable! Early detection bed bug interceptors

     DefeatExclusive! Infrared heat chambers

       DefendBestsellers! Mattress, pillow, and box spring covers and water-soluble laundry bags

    Whether you are in hospitality, property management, retail facilities, or in other spaces, bed bugs can impact your space. They tend to attach to clothing and can spread by laying and hatching eggs. In a space where many guests are arriving and leaving, bed bug transfer and spread can happen rapidly. Protect your future guests from the dangers of bed bugs by using our commercial-grade bed bug treatments.

    Who We Serve

    We work to serve the following groups by providing them with commercial-grade bed bug treatments:

    • Pest control companies
    • Government housing authorities
    • Shelters and missions
    • Student residences
    • Nursing homes and assisted living communities
    • Hospitals and healthcare clinics
    • Hotels and motels
    • Camps

    The AmCan Difference

    Our products are designed to be different than what is commonly seen on the market because when our founder created AmCan he did so since he was not satisfied with what was currently offered on the market. Now, we share our solutions with the public because we want to help others fight bed bugs, bacteria, and allergens through our line of bed bug treatment products.

    At AmCan, we strive to help our customers receive superior bed bug protection through the use of our products and knowledge. In addition to our expertise, you will also benefit from:

    • Product quality
    • Low prices
    • Excellent customer service

    Focused on Price, Quality, and Service

    At AmCan, we pride ourselves on the differentiation of three pillars: price, quality, and service.

       Price – We remove the middlemen so you get the very best pricing on our bed bug protection products

      Quality – Our products are commercial-grade and chemical-free to keep your guests protected without compromising their well-being

       Service – We are easy to reach and typically ship within 24 hours, making us the ideal bed bug treatment supplier

    Allow Us to Be Your Bed Bug Treatment Supplier

    Discover how AmCan’s products can make a difference in your location by shopping our collection of bed bug protection products. Using our products will help you and your customers sleep tight without letting the bed bugs bite!

    If you have questions regarding our offerings, please reach out to our team of experts today.

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    Why pay more?
    If you buy mattress covers or other pest control products from a distributor, you’re likely paying unnecessary brokerage, handling, and distribution fees.

    As both the manufacturer and distributor of our products, we cut out the middlemen to give you the highest quality at the lowest cost.

    To see if you’re getting the very best pricing for your pest control products, call us at 1-877-411-0053.

    We can give you the answer in minutes.

    Lorne Chadnick, Founder and President