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When guests stay at your hotel or resort, they are looking to feel a sense of peace and comfort. From the time they check in to when they gather their bags and check out, it is your job to make their stay memorable.

While there are definitely some positive aspects that can shift their mindset, one of the last things they should worry about is encountering a bed bug. While many people often think a bed bug problem will never happen to them, bed bugs have been a growing problem in the United States for some time.

For this reason, Amcan developed an approach to bed bug prevention for hotels to keep your rooms free of bed bugs and your customers satisfied. In addition to offering protection against bed bugs, our hotel mattress encasement can also guard against bacteria, allergens, dirt, water, and any normal wear and tear, too!

Wholesale Hotel Mattress Covers That Tackle Bed Bugs and More!

The National Pest Management Association conducted a survey in 2018 to uncover the prevalence of bedbugs in the United States. This survey found that hotels are among the top three most common places for bed bugs to live. In fact, 68% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in hotels, but it’s important to note that the best form of bed bug treatment for hotels is prevention.

The amount of bed bug cases in hotels is linked to the highly spreadable nature of the species. The bugs have the tendency to hide on bed frames, nightstands, sheets, and more. Even worse, the most common signs of a bed bug infestation can take up to 2-3 days for symptoms to show, meaning that it is critical to prevent bed bug attacks on your property to avoid downtime.

Instead of keeping pest control on speed dial in the case of a potential problem, use Amcan’s bed bug products for hotels as prevention.

Additionally, by investing in bulk hotel mattress covers, you can provide a comfortable sleeping environment to all customers. Plus, our protection barriers offer a waterproof feature, fighting against liquid spills.

Amcan’s Role in Bulk Hotel Mattress Encasement Needs in the Hospitality Industry

Our products were designed to detect, defeat, and defend your facility against bedbugs. Not only does this make your destination more appealing to customers, but it also reduces the costs associated with hiring pest control. In addition to fighting bed bugs, our products can also prevent the accumulation of allergens and bacteria, making it an effective solution for your environment.

Our hotel bed bug control includes the following products:

Our Hotel Bed Bug Mattress Covers Are Designed to Be Effective and Affordable

Our products were born from the alarming prevalence of bed bugs and allergens in North America and a lack of solutions available to fix the problem. At Amcan, our goal is to improve product quality, drive down prices, provide better customer service, and deliver environmentally friendly products.

To make your shopping experience seamless, our products are always priced at the manufacturer’s direct pricing so that you get the lowest prices, and they are backed by exceptional support. If you are looking to give your customers a comfortable stay, be sure to use our hotel mattress protectors.

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Faster inspections,
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Pest control companies that use our Bed Bug Interceptors say they’re good for business – on a number of fronts.

They speed up post-treatment inspections. They provide visible proof that the treatment was effective, giving customers peace of mind. And they can be sold as a service add-on or reused for other customer treatments.

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