Collection: Bed Bug Interceptors

Early Detection and Continuous Monitoring with Bed Bug Interceptors

Minimizing bed bug infestations requires early detection and ongoing monitoring. Our bed bug interceptors do both.

Placed under the legs of beds, chairs, and other furniture, our bed bug interceptors’ rough exteriors and smooth interiors capture bed bugs attempting to climb in or out. They’re discrete, eco-friendly, and easy to use, providing an early warning system for bed bug infestations and an essential post-treatment monitoring solution.

Interceptors for Bed Bugs, Ideal for Any Industry

Every industry wants their rooms free of any allergens, bacteria, and bed bugs. By implementing bed bug interceptors, industries can of course trap bed bugs, but also detect and monitor them. When you use our commercial bed bug interceptors, you can be proactive in discovering if there are bed bugs present.

Some sectors that we have worked with that our interceptors are perfect for include:

AmCan Provides More Than Interceptors for Bed Bugs

Ever since our founder experienced problems firsthand, AmCan has been devoted to creating products to stop the growing prevalence of bed bugs. AmCan has since developed commercial-grade products, such as our bed bug interceptors, that show real results in detecting, defeating, and defending against any bed bugs.

Some of the benefits of working with AmCan to take care of your bed bugs include:

  • Superior quality – All of our products are chemical-free and commercial-grade.
  • Exceptional customer service – We put our customers first, making sure we are always easy to get ahold of and that you receive your products on time. We typically ship out orders within 24 hours.
  • Low prices – We sell directly to our customers, removing the middleman, to ensure that you are receiving the best price possible. For those on a budget, we also offer low-cost vinyl box spring covers!

What to Pair with Bed Bug Interceptors for Complete Protection

Eliminating bed bugs can be extremely challenging and that’s why we offer various products to ensure you’ll get the job done. While our bed bug interceptors are a vital tool, you can also protect against bed bugs by using other products such as: