Bed Bug Control for Nursing Homes

When it comes to assisted living facilities, the last thing any residents want to worry about is bugs living in their beds. Because of this, Amcan Products works to prevent such problems at their source, providing products to ward off pests, allergens, and bacteria.

Since 2007, we have been one of the leading providers in North America for bed bug control for diverse fields, including bed bug prevention in nursing homes. If you’re looking to keep residents safe from pests, choose Amcan’s trusted products!

bed bug control in nursing homes

Our Products for Retirement Facility Bed Bug Prevention and Beyond

At Amcan Products, we are dedicated to supplying quality and effective tools for bed bug prevention in nursing homes, as we believe in developing commercial-grade products that detect, defeat, and defend against allergens, bacteria, and, most importantly, bed bugs.

Since we value providing the most high-quality and efficient solutions for bed bug prevention in nursing homes, we offer a full line of products that directly reflect the passion and grit behind our work.

With this in mind, some of the products that we offer for bed bug control in nursing homes include:

  • Bed bug interceptors – With a hard exterior and a soft interior, our beg bug interceptors are the perfect way to trap pests and maintain proper bed bug prevention in nursing homes.
  • Bed bug pillow protectors – Our machine-washable, 100% stretch poly-knit fabric pillow protectors are among our most popular products for bed bug control, and they don’t sacrifice your comfort.
  • Water soluble laundry bags – Our laundry bags are easy to use and safe for linens, clothing, and washing machines, making them the perfect products for retirement facility bed bug prevention. They also come in packs of 200, so you’ll have plenty to work with!
  • Mattress covers for bed bugs – Prevent the infestation of bed bugs at the source with our mattress covers, equipped with a breathable membrane and a three-sided, self-locking zipper for an easy and secure fit.
  • Bed bug box spring covers – Like our mattress covers, our bed bug box spring covers are breathable, comfortable, and noise-free, incorporating a durable construction ideal for bed bug control in nursing homes.

To learn more about each of our products, feel free to visit each individual product page. You can also visit our about page to learn about founder and president Lorne Chadnick’s story and why he’s dedicated to keeping people and businesses safe from the threat of bed bugs.

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Pest control companies that use our Bed Bug Interceptors say they’re good for business – on a number of fronts.

They speed up post-treatment inspections. They provide visible proof that the treatment was effective, giving customers peace of mind. And they can be sold as a service add-on or reused for other customer treatments.

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