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About ZappBug Heat Chambers

When it comes to bed bugs, heat is the solution trusted by professionals over chemical treatments. Chemical treatments, in addition to being toxic and potentially hazardous to people, furniture, and the environment, sometimes miss the target. Bed bugs root deeply to lay
their eggs, and when chemical treatments can’t penetrate the creases and inner areas of fabrics and furniture, the infestation can persist.

Heat avoids such problems, and our ZappBug heat chambers that are exclusive to Canadian residents help eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Instead of investing in a professional heat treatment service that could be exceptionally costly and possibly remove you from your home, you can instead choose ZappBug for a DIY solution!

We offer three types of ZappBug products depending on what you need to treat for bed bugs. These products include:

  • ZappBug Heater 23" x 37.5" x 23"
    This heat chamber provides a commercial solution in a portable package. As the smallest sized unit of the three options, this heater is ideal for traveling and for use with luggage.
  • ZappBug Oven 2 39.5 "x 39.5" x 28"
    This is our midsize heat chamber, which is great for ridding small furniture of unwanted pests.
  • ZappBug Room 111" x 57.5" x 80"
    Our largest heat chamber is suited for treating large furniture, getting rid of your bed bug problem once and for all.

ZappBug Heat Chambers Are Perfect For

  • Pest control companies
  • Hotels and motels
  • Shelters and missions
  • Government housing authorities

No need for commercial-grade performance or reliability?

Ask us about our budget-friendly ZappBug Rooms!