Author: Lorne Chadnick

Lorne Chadnick is the president of Amcan Bugstop and has worked in the pest control and allergy business for over 15 years. The business began due to the growing concern of bed bugs spreading in North America and the need for more quality products. Lorne saw an opportunity to drive down the price and provide better customer service with Amcan.

Since 2007, we’ve designed and developed products to defend against bed bugs, allergens, bacteria, and more. With our various commercial-grade products, you can protect your investment.

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Faster inspections,
happier customers

Pest control companies that use our Bed Bug Interceptors say they’re good for business – on a number of fronts.

They speed up post-treatment inspections. They provide visible proof that the treatment was effective, giving customers peace of mind. And they can be sold as a service add-on or reused for other customer treatments.

To learn more about our bed bug interceptors and related pest control products, call us at 1-877-861-6958.

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Lorne Chadnick, Founder and President