How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Hotels

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed bugs in hotels have become increasingly common and are a persistent concern for travelers. These insects typically appear where humans regularly frequent, making hotels an ideal hideout, lodging themselves in small crevices between mattresses and bedding, as well as cracks in wooden furniture. It can be difficult to eliminate these pests because of their ability to hide in hard-to-reach areas, as well as their propensity to quickly breed and spread. As this issue grows, it is important for owners and managers to take the necessary precautions to prevent bed bug infestations within their hotel. While the situation is not completely avoidable, there are actions that can be taken for bed bug prevention in hotels that will greatly help.

Tips for Bed Bug Prevention in Hotels

Not only can the presence of bed bugs have long-lasting effects on a hotel’s reputation, but the process for post-infestation treatment is extremely costly. It is therefore crucial that hotel management and staff make proactive decisions and actions to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

Here are four steps on how to prevent bed bugs in hotels:
  • Education – Educating hotel staff is the best defense for bed bug protection in hotels. They should be trained on how to identify bed bugs along with the best practices to follow to keep the insects at bay.
  • Preventative action – Planning is the key to preventing bed bugs in hotels. It is beneficial to create a hotel policy that the cleaning staff is required to seal areas that are prone to infestation. For example, implementing sealed mattress and pillow casings in every room is a good first step.
  • Proper documentation – Ensure that hotel management has a system in place for reporting customer complaints, inspections, and treatments related to bed bugs. This will allow the hotel staff and management to identify patterns and create a strategy on eliminating bed bugs.
  • Effective products – As stated above, bed bug treatment is extremely costly, so make a budget to invest in bed bug protection products that will eliminate the need for treatment all together. Check out AmCan’s list of products below.

AmCan’s Products for Bed Bug Protection in Hotels

Our products will not only serve as precautionary measures to prevent bed bugs, but they will also provide your guests with a clean and comfortable stay. We offer a full range of environmentally friendly products that supply staff and management with options on how to prevent bed bugs in hotels.

Our product offerings include:

Each of these products were created and designed to detect, defeat, and defend against bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria. With this in mind, our products are the perfect solution for bed bug protection in hotels and will help to ensure the success and reputation of your business.

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